Introducing Song Club Records

July 12, 2018
Kyle Benson

Song Club Records, a grassroots record label centered around making meaningful records with relatively unknown musicians, is proud to announce that it exists. In the spirit of putting artistry ahead of marketing, Song Club Records hopes to make the kind of artistic and meaningful albums that get overlooked by bigger labels, albums more likely to touch a few people than they are to go platinum.

The label is comprised of recording engineers, musicians, designers, and producers who are set on helping each other succeed. Fans of the label have the opportunity to subscribe to the label’s upcoming releases and exclusive updates by supporting through Gumroad and Patreon.

Song Club’s 2018 release lineup includes an album from each artist: Emily Brown’s “Bee Eater,” Sen Wisher’s “Bird Languages,” Alyssa Pyper’s “Salt Crust,” and Jake Lyman’s “Bad for Me.” Please get in touch with Kyle at for interviews, press inquiries and promo copies of upcoming records.

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