Freelance PR and Licensing

June 7, 2018
Kyle Benson

Song Club Records needs someone to teach them how to get those connections

We're changing the way artists get paid—and we don't want to stop short of changing the entire business model for musicians. We're a lean team that's just getting its footing, and we don't know what we're doing online.

What's the opportunity? 🌅

As a team of one, you would be primarily responsible for curating and broadcasting the Song Club Records offering to labels, blogs, and the powers that be at Spotify and Apple. We don’t know how to run a company, so what you decide to do there and how you decide to do it will be your own business. Be creative! Don’t be creative! We’ll take either one!

What will you be doing? 🔨

What skills do you need?



We’re trying to build a business here, which means nobody goes unpaid. We can’t offer much, but possibly 5-10 hours a week depending on your rates. We want to pay you more and more until you get so wealthy that you have a early mid-life crisis! Help us make that happen!

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