Emily Brown releases her second full length album Bee Eater

August 31, 2018
Kyle Benson

OAKLAND, CA 8/31/18 – Californian songwriter and poet Emily Brown is releasing her second studio album, “Bee Eater,“ a soaring fantasia on disparate themes: heartbreak, heartbreaking, love-seeking and keeping. Throughout the record, Brown’s piercingly clear voice flutes out wild melodies over instrumentation ranging from chamber pop to bedroom rock, frantically soaring with toothy particularity and diction. Her songwriting is incisive and literate, insistent and chock-full of imagery and metaphor.

Emily Brown is from the Coachella Valley and currently lives in Oakland, California. In 2014 she toured nationally with folk-pop act The National Parks and recorded a session with AudioTree with the band. As part of folk duo Porch Lights she recorded a Daytrotter session the same year. Nearly two years after her most recent EP Emily Frown, and six years after her last LP Green Things, Bee Eater lends weight to Brown as a solo performer after several years of accompanying and performing in other acts.

Bee Eater was produced by Lindenfield (The New Electric Sound, Bikini Sleepover) and mastered by Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact her label manager: Kyle Benson: hello@songclubrecords.com, 801-448-6140, songclubrecords.com

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